Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Greenleaf Gifts New Fragrance Citrus Samba

Greenleaf Gifts has introduced a new fragrance for 2014 "Citrus Samba." It is described as "Sparkling grapefruit and rose petals twirl through the bright glow of warm amberin lively rhythm with juicy lime, orange, and mandarin." We are now carrying this fragrance in Large Sachets, Room Sprays, Reed Diffuser Oils and Aroma Decor Oils on TartBurners.com at Greenleaf Gifts. We have also added 6 more fragrances to our collection of Greenleaf Slim Sachets at Greenleaf Slim Sachets. The Greenleaf Slim Sachets are an attractive alternative to the large sachets, as they can fit in some tighter spaces, are less expensive and feature the design on the entire sachet.
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