Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Greenleaf Gifts New Fragrance Citrus Samba

Greenleaf Gifts has introduced a new fragrance for 2014 "Citrus Samba." It is described as "Sparkling grapefruit and rose petals twirl through the bright glow of warm amberin lively rhythm with juicy lime, orange, and mandarin." We are now carrying this fragrance in Large Sachets, Room Sprays, Reed Diffuser Oils and Aroma Decor Oils on TartBurners.com at Greenleaf Gifts. We have also added 6 more fragrances to our collection of Greenleaf Slim Sachets at Greenleaf Slim Sachets. The Greenleaf Slim Sachets are an attractive alternative to the large sachets, as they can fit in some tighter spaces, are less expensive and feature the design on the entire sachet.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Willowbrook Fresh Scents Sachets New Fragrances

We started carrying Willowbrook Fresh Scents Sachets last fall and they have proven to be very popular and also economical at $1.99 per sachet. We have added 6 more fragrances, including 3 brand new ones, Anchors Away, Ocean Life & Bamboo & Blossoms. We now have 25 fragrances available for shipping at Willowbrook Fresh Scents Sachets

Thursday, January 23, 2014

C. R. Gibson New Recipe Designs

C. R. Gibson has 4 new recipe designs for 2014 in books, boxes and cards and they are now available at C. R. Pocket Page Recipe Albums. The designs are Flowering Herbs, Fresh, Macarons and Savory Eats. Flowering Herbs is designed by Susan Winget, Macarons is designed by Jessie Steele and Fresh is designed by Lotta Jansdotter and features a tin recipe box, which is the only item that is not available to ship at once.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

McCall's Buttons & Candle Bars

McCall's Candles Wax Potpourri Buttons are one of the most popular products that we sell at TartBurners.com and we carry them in over 60 fragrances. However, we do occasionally receive some negative feedback on this item. McCall's sells the buttons unpackaged and unmarked and our warehouse does not have the capability to package and mark them. We typically put up to 12 buttons in small poly bags with mixed fragrances. The fragrances do not "mix" into the buttons as the fragrance comes from the scented oils in the wax, which is not released until the buttons are melted. Some of the buttons are pretty obvious which they are by color but many are a similar caramel color.

There are a couple of ways to order McCall's wax potpourri and have a better idea of the fragrance in the product. Buttons come in boxes of 36, so we ship orders with 36 buttons of the same fragrance in their original box which is marked by McCall's. Even orders of 12 buttons of the same fragrance are generally shipped with only 1 fragrance in a poly bag.

A second alternative is McCall's Candle Bars. This product is packaged and labeled and uses the same wax as the buttons.  Candle Bars are 5.5 oz. divided into 6 wedges, making each wedge almost 0.9 oz., which is larger than the buttons that are 0.7 oz. The price is about the same per wedge, so the candle bars are a better value per ounce of wax. We carry McCall's Candle Bars in 37 fragrances, so they may be a better alternative for most fragrances for customers planning to purchase 6 or more buttons in the same fragrance.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Product Restocking

We know our shelves are a little bare and we have a lot of out of stock items.Unfortunately this happens every year after the holiday rush. However today we received shipments from Tyler Candles, Honey House and Pre de Provence European Soaps. We are expecting shipments from most of our vendors over the next couple weeks and we will be adding new fragrances and designs and removing out of stock discontinued items.We update TartBurners.com daily, so check back with us if something you want to order is out of stock.