Wednesday, December 4, 2013

More Information on Diffuser Oils carries several brands of reed diffuser oils, the most popular being K Hall Designs, Woodwick Candle and Greenleaf Gifts. These are all available on our site at Reed Diffusers & Oils.  Basically these are scented oils to be used with any reed diffuser.

We also carry Greenleaf Aroma Decor Oils at Greenleaf Aroma Decor Oils.  These oils are different and at times we have had customers order these in error.  These oils are alcohol based and flammable and are to be used only with Greenleaf Aroma Decor Diffusers or other brands of catalytic fragrance lamps that are lit with a flame.  These oils will not work with reed diffusers and the reed diffuser oils will not work with catalytic fragrance lamps..

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