Monday, July 19, 2010

Using Tart Burners & Candle Warmers with Scented Wax

One comment that comes up occasionally from customers is as follows: "My candle warmer (or tart burner) is not working any more.  When I first put the candle on (or wax in), I got a lot of scent.  But after using it for a few times, I am getting very little scent even though there is still wax."

The way scented wax works is that the scent slowly evaporates when melted, but the wax remains.  Each candle or wax potpourri that we sell is rated for fragrance time in hours by the manufacturer and should be close to accurate.  A standard size wax potpourri like Bridgewater Candle Wafers are rated at 8 hours.  So, after 8 hours of use, there should be little fragrance left even though there is still wax that must be poured out.

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