Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays and Vacation

Happy holidays from TartBurners.com. We are closed until January 5, 2009. We will not be shipping orders or returning messages or emails until that time.

Effective December 24, 2008, the minimum order for free ground shipping in the 48 states will be increased from $50 to $75. We regret having to do this; however, we have maintained the $50 level for 6-1/2 years (since July 2002) despite annual increases in UPS shipping rates that we absorb. We have expanded our product selection exponentially during that time and plan to continue to expand product offerings in 2009. While were once just the "Tart Burner Superstore", we now offer almost 4000 SKUs of candles, home fragrance items, personal care and products for the home. We hope the the larger selection makes it easier to meet the free shipping minimum for our customers.
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