Friday, January 18, 2008

New web site features

We are pleased to introduce some new features at

1. "View Details": When you hover your cursor over the picture of a product on a group section page, an icon "View Details" appears. If you click this icon, this brings up an overlay window with more details about the product from its item page and the ability to add the product to the cart without ever leaving the section page.

2. Product Reviews: Customers can now review products right from the site or from an email sent about 30 days after purchase. If you do not want to receive a product review email, please check the "no" box on during checkout. We are interested in finding out more about what our customers like and do not like about products.

3. Improved checkout pages: Our checkout pages now more closely resemble our web site with links to key pages.

Most major product lines are now back in stock. We have added a new line of organic products "BeeCeuticals" and expect several more new lines in the upcoming weeks.
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